Zither hand rest

Origin, concept

Like many zitherists, I learned to play the zither by resting my hand on the right edge of the instrument when striking the melody strings or when plucking the accompaniment strings. This means that the strings near the bridge also resonate. As a result, the zither has an unpleasantly hard, shrill sound.

In order to create a pleasant, soft sound, the hand has to be away from the instrument to strike the strings towards the middle, near the sound hole. But it can be very tiring to play this way.

As a devoted musician and zitherist, I have long searched for an optimal solution. After several prototypes, a mature product has now been created that not only solves the aforementioned problem; it also has the advantage that the little finger can now be employed to additionally pluck an alternating bass, creating new melodic colours. Using these seventh chords in the bass, your playing will gain an expanded and very pleasant depth of sound.

This ergonomically-formed hand rest will make zither playing easier and will make the sound softer. So you and your listeners will enjoy your playing even more.

On YouTube, you can listen to several samples:
„Zither hand rest“.

Perfect, pleasant playing

Precise, robust, simple:

Our newly-developed hand rests are custom-made in the highest quality.

It's so simple - mounting instructions

Successful trade fair exhibition

The Music-Austria trade fair took place from 2-5 October.

My patent was successfully introduced at this trade fair, which featured 300 exhibitors.
www.superklang.eu „Zither hand rest“

The presentation in front of a very interested public was a complete success.

Price / order

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